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Your Lash Extension training course will include:

  • 15 hrs of Theory for all students (2 days)     *ELEARING AVAILABLE FOR THEORY PORTION OF THE COURSE

    • 30 hours of practical for non licensed individuals (6-8 hours min. a week for 4 weeks)

    • 12 hours of practical for those who hold a current Esthetic or Cosmetology license

  • Student training kit with high quality products & tools, enough to apply several full sets of lash extensions

Our Comprehensive training for licensed/non-licensed students:

  • Our curriculum is a unique blend of theory and practical hands-on training delivered by our knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and student-centered instructor with over 18 years in the Esthetic field & over 8 years of full-time lash extension experience, an advanced lash extension certification, and has applied over 1000 sets of classic lashes. 

  • Learn the “tricks of the trade” that our experienced lash instructor has perfected after years of lashing.

  • Small class size. You will get one on one personal instruction that is impossible with a larger class size (max of 8 students per class).

  • In person instruction – This cannot be achieved by many if the “online” training courses or downloaded manuals. To learn the art of properly applying classic lash extensions, you must be hands on, (able to see, touch & practice in person). You will have your experienced instructor on site the whole time to answer all of your questions and to assist in troubleshooting

  • The ability to continue practicing at the training center, even after you're certified, if you need additional assistance or instruction 

This training is perfect for:

  • Non-licensed/licensed individuals looking for a new career, or a lucrative service to add to their current business

  • Students who are currently enrolled in an Esthetic or Cosmetology program who would like to offer Lash Extensions when they graduate

  • Current lash artists (who are not an Esthetician/Cosmetologist) who attended a non-recognized lash program before the IDOH instituted the new certification regulations, and would like to continue to legally offer Lash Extensions in the State of Indiana

  • Anyone who would like to change careers and begin lashing part time or full time or learn a lucrative side-hustle to earn extra income

Course Details:

  • Non Licensed/Licensed course - 2 Days of Theory - Saturday/Sunday. (7.5Hrs each day) Practical work will be scheduled on an "open time" - block system with your instructor. Certifications can be attained in less than 2 weeks or up to a month depending on your chosen practical time slots.

  • Accelerated program - This program is for out of town students or those who want to fast track to their new lashing career.  This intense 5 day program is 2 days theory (7.5hrs for 2 days, ELEARNING AVAILABLE FOR THEORY) and three days of practical work (3 - 10 hour days) on a mannequin and live models. 


  • Eyelash anatomy and growth

  • Product knowledge

  • Station set up

  • Tool expertise

  • Adhesive knowledge and safety

  • Proper hygiene, sanitation and safety

  • Client eye shape/choosing the right mapping 

  • Eye taping procedures

  • Proper lash length, curl and diameter

  • Application techniques

  • When not to lash

  • Client consultation

  • Record keeping

  • Client aftercare

  • Lash Extension Removal

  • Client retention and pricing

  • Lash marketing, social media & pricing

  • To Lash from home or a salon?

  • Secrets in the Lashing that many lash techs don’t know!

See the list of accredited programs by the IDOH here:

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