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Lash Extensions ~ Microblading ~ Dermaplaning

935 Conner Street
Studio 205
Noblesville, IN


Exciting NEWS- June/July Scholarships Now Available!

The Lash & Beauty Academy is proud to announce the "Sandy Kirby Scholarship". This Scholarship is in honor of Jennifer Di Franco's mom, Sandy Kirby, who lost her life to ALS in 2005. She was an English Professor, Librarian & Poet who revered education, writing & poetry....getting accepted as a low income student to a private college, and earning her Bachelor's & Master's degrees in Education, Writing and Library Science.  Please send an email to with "SKS" as the Subject line to apply up to $500 off Lash Extension Courses.

Bring a friend and SAVE!!

Do you have a bestie that you do everything with?  Know another person that would also like to receive the same certification? This is your opportunity to both receive a deep discount for both students. Call 317.413.6662 for more details.

Time Crunch Special

Enroll in either the June 17/18 or July 15/16 Classic Lash extension certification program and be graduated before August 12th to be eligible up to $500 rebate. Call or email for more details - Only 15 Spots available Total

The Lash & Beauty Academy is thrilled to announce that as of June 13, 2022.  The Lash and Beauty academy of Noblesville is a recognized Eyelash Extension Certification Program by the IDOH (Indiana Department of Health)!

Now you DO NOT need to be a licensed professional to become a certified lash artist in Indiana!

Register now to enroll in one of our training courses and become a CERTIFIED LASH ARTIST, MICROBLADING ARTIST, or add DERMAPLANING as a new service!

Applying false lashes in a salon

Classic Lash Extension Training


Dermaplaning Training



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