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Lash Extensions ~ Microblading ~ Dermaplaning

935 Conner Street, Studio 205
Noblesville, IN

We offer training and certifications for Lash Extensions, Dermaplaning & Microblading
*We are licensed by the IN Dept. of Health, the Hamilton Co. Dept. of Health 

What are our graduates are saying...

I had an amazing experience taking this course! Jen and everyone were very helpful, curriculum was very easy to learn and trainers were very present during practice times! I would highly recommend anyone interested in doing lashes attend this school - Ashley

If you’re ever thinking about getting certified to do lash extensions, this is your place! Not only do they care about how the lashes look, but they emphasize keeping the lashes healthy and building your business. Absolute pleasure getting trained here. - Kiela

absolutely love this class, i will highly recommend. i took the july lash course & i was very nervous at first but the course & everybody was very helpful! jen & her husband have beautiful souls. they really set you up for success here, so if you've been thinking about doing it, do it !!! - Melissa

This was such an amazing class to be in! Jen created a phenomenal class, full of open discussions, and enjoyable days. Every class was so easy to focus and learn. The practical hours were detailed, always had someone right there if you have any questions. They created an environment that made you feel like no question was a dumb question and they always made sure you understood everything and enjoyed what you were doing. This class was one of the best that I could have experienced. If you’re looking for a great lash school, this is EXACTLY where you need to be. - Ryan

Jen and her crew are incredible teachers. They give you all the tools you’ll need to be successful and confident in your career! 10/10 recommend! - Brooklynn

The Lash & Beauty Academy is thrilled to announce that as of June 13, 2022.  The Lash and Beauty academy of Noblesville is a recognized Eyelash Extension Certification Program by the IDOH (Indiana Department of Health)!

Now you DO NOT need to be a licensed professional to become a certified lash artist in Indiana!

Register now to enroll in one of our training courses and become a CERTIFIED LASH ARTIST, MICROBLADING ARTIST, or add DERMAPLANING as a new service!

Applying false lashes in a salon

Classic Lash Extension Training


Dermaplaning Training



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