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Reviews from students

A great school! Jen and her husband are the best people. Treat everyone like family here. They made sure I was comfortable and ready before I graduated and answered all my questions highly recommend.

- Jalissa

Taking this class was the best thing I could have ever done. I’m a mom a single one at that and all I have wanted is to be my own boss . The lash and beauty Academy not only worked with me tremendously on my practical times but encouraged and gave me as much knowledge as I needed to take this step into the lash industry. I have heard horror stories about training courses in this industry Especially about being turned loose without feeling completely comfortable or knowledgeable and having it taught by an individual who is so passionate about the field and does not want to see anyone who walks in that door fail is the reason why you need to take this course. The Lash and beauty Academy not only gave me the knowledge that I needed to pursue my dreams they gave me the encouragement and let me know that every step I am about to take I’m not alone they’re there for me 100% and that’s some thing I know you will not find somewhere else. If you’re looking for a SIGN …THIS IS IT…book the class!! do it!!! You won’t regret it.

Si ha estado buscando una clase en español, también las ofrecen en español, esta es una forma de que se convierta en su propio jefe.

Thank you so much for making this step for me an amazing experience and a VERY LUCRATIVE way to provide for my family.


Super class! I highly recommend that if you are going to take a lash class, this is where you want to go! The studio/spa is beautiful! The instructors are very knowledgeable, patient, and flexible. This was such a great experience, I will be taking additional classes offered to expand my knowledge, skills and services I will be able to offer my clients. Thank you so much!


Such a comprehensive course! The Lash Academy prepares students fully for their new careers as lash artists!


I'm so glad I picked this place for my training! the owners are fantastic people and know what they're doing. the space is gorgeous. Jen really knows what she is talking about and she is really encouraging. this will be so good for me! glad I did my training here!


I loved this class and the instructors who were very professional and patient with all of us and our schedules . There was one day that I had a very difficult situation in practical class and I was to the point of tears . My instructors saw the situation and came over to help me out . My instructor helped me out and reassured me that it was a very difficult situation and not me . I tell you what , I respect people that are kind and patient and they are just that ! I highly recommend this academy because they are a class A academy. Thank you guys for your joy that you gave me in your class.


If you’re ever thinking about getting certified to do lash extensions, this is your place! Not only do they care about how the lashes look, but they emphasize keeping the lashes healthy and building your business. Absolute pleasure getting trained here.


I was certified for lashes and dermaplaning here! I recommend this place to everyone that asks. They actually focus on how to keep lashes healthy. They aren’t exclusive to one brand either, they really set you up for success here. Their personalities are amazing and I would stayed in class longer if I could have. 


Jen and her crew are incredible teachers. They give you all the tools you’ll need to be successful and confident in your career! 10/10 recommend!

- Brooklynn

I had an amazing experience taking this course! Jen and everyone were very helpful, curriculum was very easy to learn and trainers were very present during practice times! I would highly recommend anyone interested in doing lashes attend this school

- Ashley

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